May you find peace in the grey of twilight when you travel the land of shadows.

May you learn the joy of warmth on your face and may the memory of it carry you through the winter of your land and your soul.

May your smiles start from deep within, like sunrises. And like sunsets, may good experiences illuminate you, long after they’ve passed.

May you find art in the blackness and may the wisdom of moonshine always be yours.

May you feel the rain with its poetry and its fertility. And find peace in cleaning, connection in nurturing and participation in the cycle of life.

May you never mistake rigidity for purpose and may you discern aimlessness from freedom.

May you be able to outrun your ruses and may your lies not torment you in your dreams.

May sleep come to you, letting the masks you’ve picked up fall by the side.

May you see blessings as prayers and prayers as hope. May love sustain you above all names & symbols.

This was shot in 2019 on @rajni.arunkumar’s birthday. It was a reminder of friendships that never changed even as the people did. Of beauty & laughter & agelessness. I am holding this memory to carry me through these hope-starved days. Here’s to finding the light.

πŸ“Έ: @vandana.narang


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