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  1. @ Pensive Lawyer: God, no, thank heavens for that!

    @ Crimson shimmer: Thengyu! And welcome to the Idea-smithy!

    @ BR: LOL LOL LOL!!

    @ Rada: Oof no, I thought we outgrew those Calvin n’ Susie characters in standard three!

    @ manuscrypts: No teasers. Just a joker.

    @ vivek: It really happened!

    @ Cynic: Please to locate instructions and tell me. The joker hasn’t surfaced as yet.

    @ byker7: What does that do (I’m almost scared to ask and scareder to try it!)!

  2. IS!

    Must be one of your numerous admirers, declaring his undying love for you in his own special way!

    Surely you know what the bard has said about poets, madmen and lovers!


    Radas last blog post..Nervous Bosses

  3. Lol. I seem to be a magnet for practical jokes at the workplace. Once, the wheels on my car had been stolen and my car was left sitting on blocks. I called my boss and told her that I’d be late for work and the reason why, and walked the (luckily only) 0.75 mi from my apartment to work only to find that the wheels on my chair at work had also been removed and my chair was left sitting on blocks! Not funny!

    Check out this entry for more workplace humor:

  4. Jeeez that joker got a jolt out of me…

    wuda been beta if it were sideways like your screen.
    funky name btw: – gota nice ring to it` :mrgreen:

    Crimson shimmers last blog post..