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  1. Hey ho I 🙂 Falling in public is something I’m pretty famous for. Yeah, and laughing at yourself is the best medicine for the aching knees and butt. 😀

    Ahem, shall I say congrats for the unveiling? Or maybe we’re still taking it a day at a time? 🙂

  2. @ ‘nonnymus: Ah well, I also say “If you push me, I’ll pull you down with me!!!” 😀

    @ Sense: Really? Can’t believe that of you…somehow I’d think if you ever fell, everyone else would too, imagining it was the ‘in’ thing to do!

  3. how’s the stage in the middle of a dance performance sound for an audience???
    did I laugh? no. well, yes, but it was later. Much later, and much more drunk.

  4. If laughter came after every fall, there would be less bitter and lesser bitter people everywhere…
    I have … uh… a few fall stories too.. but most of them where I was the ’cause’ of someone’s fall. And I cant remember thm being so good natured about it. Maybe I should try you someday?? 😉

  5. @ Melody: Zzzzz… 🙂

    @ JulieLuongo: Actually he didn’t.

    @ Grey Shades: You bet!

    @ City Yeti: Ah, I wondered where the Ninja had disappeared. Nice new look!

  6. well, at least you’ve never looked out of a buildings balcony and said yourself, “hmmm … that doesn’t look to far down… i bet i can land it…”

    By the way, we’re friends from my earlier avatar.

  7. Falling is hilarious. So, did Alec eventually laugh?

    I’ve fallen to the ground because of improperly extended chair legs (ususally my own fault). Nothing dorkier than being bikini clad, trying to impress boys, and falling straight to the ground.

  8. It’s really good that you can laugh – I too laugh when I fall, though mercifully it’s not been too often and perhaps even then it’s more out of a feeling that I’m a big goof.

    But while I’m able to laugh at myself, I also state that I’d clobber any fool who dares laugh at me when I fall. Humph.

    Great meeting with you last night, sleeping beauty 🙂