Pisces Moon

Let me scratch your glamour off
Peel the itchy bits of your plastic faces
So you can feel the tingle of nerves
meeting air, water, me

You smell like
brandy evenings,
sea salt,
and poetry musk

Let me trim your attachments
with clipped tones & steely eyes
And pat your newly open self clean

Tear up your promises
Toss me a handful of confetti laughter
Read me a story of touch when I can’t see
Sing me a tune of colour cutting through white noise

Let me eat up your dreams
Chew your nightmares little by little
Till they’re soft enough for you to savour
Come, sleep and let me feast.

Come with me to heaven, you told me once
Detouring coffee talk & traffic signals
I didn’t hear the noise
And you didn’t see my eyes say
We’re there already



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