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  1. Fantastic to read about your experience.

    I wanted to add my experience using the pass – I decided to take a Rs100 pass, as I couldn’t be bothered standing in line for the ticket/token. It was faster (60sec).

    On my second journey, from Andheri Station to Marol, the check-blockade was not shut so I simply walked through and got on the metro – but at Marol, when I flashed my card, it showed an error and redirected me to Customer Care – who explained since I did not swipe at entry I could not exit – this time they let me off with a stern (well deserved) advice to be careful next time.

    1. @Valroy: Thank you for sharing that! I was wondering what would happen to people who figured out a way to get in without flashing the card. Just to be clear, the pass is not like train passes (time-bound) but money-bound, right? As in each ride you take, it deducts that fare value from the card.

      1. The lady across the counter confirmed – its a store value card where the amount loaded (Max Rs3000 at one go) is valid for 1yr and it gets deducted on one full trip[ (entry – exit)