I’ve started to figure that Performance Poetry or Spoken Word does not have to conform to specific rules. I’m choosing to interpret the form as an oral sharing of an idea, an emotion or a story. This could rhyme or not, it could involve gestures or not, could include voice intonations or not. As long as it reaches out and touches my listener, I’ll consider it complete.

With this in mind, I prepared for Rochelle’s second edition of ‘Words Tell Stories’ (the first of which saw me in my debut performanceΒ called Paper Plane). I had had a difficult month falling sick every single week and a rough few days after I saw NH10. So I picked a cheerful piece, one I had written years ago as a blogpost. I had been working on it for awhile now and I felt like I needed to end this month on a positive note.

Here is my performance and the post that it is based on: The Dating Thing.

I’m happy to say that it went off as well as I wanted it to go. I will watch the video and analyse how I could have said something better or conveyed the idea with a different eyeroll, a more evocative gesture. But for now, coffee?

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