My first on this new blog under the ‘Office Capers’ section. For my new readers, here is a glossary for your guidance:

SNC: Someone from the neighboring cubicle
SFOS: Someone from the other side
God: a.k.a da BOSS
AKB: Allah ki Bandi a.k.a Boss ki chamchi

We spend one-third or more of our day at work. And of course regardless of industry, company, job or country the same complicated, annoying patterns keep playing out. This section is dedicated to a lighter look at that part of our life that is simultaneously a raison d’etre and the bane of our existance….WORK!!!!

~ De-bop-ba-luba ~

Me: Heehee…
SNC and SFOS stare at me and exchange blank looks
Me: See this…I typed in ‘BPO’ and MS-Powerpoint showed it as error. The auto-correct options show ‘boos’ and ‘bop’
SFOS: Brilliant. Someone has just made their discovery for their day
Me: *rushing on regardless* I wonder what a bop is
SFOS: Hmmm bop…
SNC: *Getting into the act* Type it on Word and do Shift-F7
Me: Hmph…you and your crazy ways…my Internet Explorer windows shut down!
SNC: Can I help it if your hand-co-ordination never got past age 2…2 months?
Me: Grrrr….
SFOS: *Waking up from nap* So what is a bop?
Me: Lets seeee……hehehehe…thesaurus equates bop to…dance, shindig, do, barn dance, hoedown
SNC: Bop re bop!!!!!
SFOS: *Snore*

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