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  1. I’ve always wanted to have at least one pair of red shoes or even a red sneakers. I’m also struggling to catch up with the challenge, but I try to come up with one in my busy work schedule.

  2. Lovely story! I read this late at night and really enjoyed the humor and wit of your pov character! Now, of course, you must watch that ancient movie, “The Red Shoes,” about a ballerina who danced with red shoes. the original story was written by Hans Christian Andersen. Maybe a little darker than the story you tell here.

  3. Loved the style of narrative that you used here! Really intriguing and so well done! Dropping from A-Z and so glad I did! Cheers!

  4. This is absolutely grand! For some time, I didn’t realize John’s shoes are talking and when I did, the story became even more interesting. Now, I will wonder what the shoes of other people are thinking about mine when I’m wearing something other than black, brown or white.

    I have red shoes, beautiful red shoes. A woman doctor tried to convince me to stop wearing them. After a lifetime of dance, she felt I ought to wear more supportive (and ugly) shoes. Her supervisor, a man, had to explain that I would not give up my red shoes – they’re flats too and I don’t wear them everyday.

    Thank you for a lovely post. Visiting from A to Z Challenge Drusilla

  5. I bought a pair of red shoes recently at Goodwill. Those shoes get so much attention (positive!) though they are not snazzy dancing heels, they are flat, cloth, Mary Jane shoes – wide to hold my poor bunioned out left foot. 🙂

    Your writing is crisp and clear.

    While I love shoes, I can’t say I will ever completely understand them – or the fixation many people have with them. I mostly need to keep better track of my own! 🙂

    Julie Jordan Scott
    The Bold Writer from A to Z

    1. @Julie Jordan Scott: Red shoes are like that, aren’t they? 🙂 I have two pairs myself – a pair of flat leather Mary Janes and another of suede moccasins (men’s shoes, that too!).