Athithi devo bhava

And yet another character for the daily drama of this blog. Introducing the Funny Firang……the latest import to our office, he’s friendly, upbeat and all agog over the ‘India experience’. We’re having the time of our lives playing gracious Indian hosts to FF.

Me: You know that girl who sits in the third cubicle? I met her at the station yesterday and she was asking about you.
FF: Oh really?
Me: Yes, apparantly she was sitting in that meeting room and looked up to see you waving at her.
CuCo: Ah…and she fell madly in love with the strange pardesi
Me: Actually she says she got the start of her life!
FF: Oh, too bad, I’m this savage foreigner out to take advantage of her now?
SIT: Do you like her?
Me: Kya yaar…..aate hi matchmaking?
FF: I guess all Indians are matchmakers at heart!
SIT: Yeah, we’ll put you up on a matrimonials website. We’ll say you’re a tall, FAIR boy looking for a pretty Indian girl.
Me: That’s the extension of PIG!
FF: I thought pigs were considered unclean in India!


Me: What’s that in the bottle?
FF: Its an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser.
Me: You know there are certain bacteria that help digestion
FF: (whose stomach is more upset than his temperament) I haven’t encountered any of those in India!
Me: That’s because you’ve been killing them all with this hand sanitiser!

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