AI disappointed woman on dating app man tries to impress couple

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  1. Yup, have to admit u had me laughing with this one…

    Strange how a complete stranger can be enamoured with another complete stranger with about two blogs worth of reading in all of 7 mins.

    Must just be me.–>

  2. Damn.. I’m late as always.. Both the ‘Price Charming’ and the ‘bleeding..dead’ comments have been commented on.
    I’ll just wait for the next wave.

  3. hahaha… I LOVE this… you should copyright it..
    “Damn it all, if I was bleeding every single time you annoyed me, I’d be dead, you stupid man!”

    hahaha… I can’t stop laughing…

    My response to a man hu says.. “God yer in a bad mood… are you PMS-ed ?!”.. is generally a plain unimaginative.. “No..are YOU ?!”…

    But I LOVE yours..
    With your permission.. I’d like to use it.. ALL THE TIME !


  4. hey girl you have to start responding to comments..else its like talking to black hole..

    nice post btw 🙂