Light A Candle: Remembering The C.S.T. carnage

I’m thinking of the people who lost their lives or were injured in the indiscriminate firing at C.S.T. station on 26 November 2008.Β  They were commuters, passers-by, innocent bystanders. They were also husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, employees, bosses, friends and lovers. They were Mumbaikers on their daily routine.

Take a few minutes today to think about them as well, in the aftermath of Mumbai’s terror. While the media and politicians and the rest of the world battles issues of responsibility and mourns the deaths of national heroes, spare a thought also for those who will probably not be remembered by the major groups but whose deaths have come nevertheless as a blow to their families and friends.

Take a minute to honor the spirit of the anonymous Mumbaiker. Wherever in the world you are, if you’ve ever lived in this city or known someone who does, if you’ve ever used the nervous system of this city – the railway, if this thought touches you, join me in honoring the true spirit of this city. Light a candle sometime today and if anyone does ask, tell them for whom you’re doing this.

Mumbai honours those who fell defending it. We also remember and honour those among us who aren’t here anymore.

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