Even more flowers

The first rains of this year. Also the first of many new conversations with an old friend. Peppered with old memories but actually I should say….sweetened by them rather than embittered. I am going to meet this monsoon with joy for a change.

The deceptively passionate summers have come and gone. They left me parched, dry and colourless and stripped of everything that made me joyful and alive and me. Monsoon was the season I was born in after all. And I am a water person. Enough burnt, it is time to water my soul and make my life green and beautiful again.

I took this photograph last year in the week leading to Ganesh Chaturti. Soon, very soon….the rains will be here, the festivities will began and there will be even more flowers!

10 thoughts on “Even more flowers

  1. Just as a conversation walking under the stars for one was the same conversation under morning rays streaming through a window, the clouds shied away the same time your monsoons started.
    It’s been a good day today.

  2. August born, your complementary (not complimentary) A.E. arrives sooner than expected. 13th evening. Fire meets Water then!:P

  3. @ Valhalla: Ditto and more.

    @ S: The monsoons? Me? Both? πŸ™‚

    @ Ginger Girl: Oh, do! How can a Mumbaiker miss Lalbagh cha raja?

    @ Brad: Yippee! Will you call me when you touch down?

    @ Perspectiveinc: There’s something joyous about everything new…including mornings!

  4. Somehow I felt “many new conversations with an old friend.” this was lost in your post, sounds like you did enjoy this a lot.. πŸ™‚

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