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  1. Somehow I felt “many new conversations with an old friend.” this was lost in your post, sounds like you did enjoy this a lot.. 🙂

  2. @ Valhalla: Ditto and more.

    @ S: The monsoons? Me? Both? 🙂

    @ Ginger Girl: Oh, do! How can a Mumbaiker miss Lalbagh cha raja?

    @ Brad: Yippee! Will you call me when you touch down?

    @ Perspectiveinc: There’s something joyous about everything new…including mornings!

  3. August born, your complementary (not complimentary) A.E. arrives sooner than expected. 13th evening. Fire meets Water then!:P

  4. Just as a conversation walking under the stars for one was the same conversation under morning rays streaming through a window, the clouds shied away the same time your monsoons started.
    It’s been a good day today.