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  1. Question is, what can WE do???
    Are we going to wait for the politicians to change?? Are we going to wait for a mythical leader to emerge amongst us who will lead us to safety and prosperity? Do we cover inside our houses waiting for the next attack hoping someone will change it someday???
    Or do WE, all of us, everyone who cares, everyone to whom it matters, get together and make that change happen????
    What can WE do?

  2. This truly is something exceptional, but then this was waiting to happen, after every bomb blast, we would get back to normal stuff and didnt question our government, while the terrorist outfits stayed focussed on there objective, looks like they have better commitment to there objective than us, and now I belive, we have to outshine them with out commitment..we can not leave it all on our politicians now, now after our PM’s robotic speech yesterday..I dont trust him anymore…

    Sarthak Tanejas last idea: Mumbai: Helpline