And here’s a poem from the archives, titled ‘Moonlight Walk

Meet me on the other side of the moon
And walk in shadows with me
It won’t be all dark
You put a gleam in my eyes
That will lead the way for a stroll into madness

I’ll take you right up to the edge, walking blind
But just on the brink,
I promise to tell you
And let you decide
Whether to take a step farther or not

And if the decision to walk be yours,
I’ll fall through the night with you
Into an everlasting sea of silver light
Till one day, the man in the moon watching another couple take a stroll together
Smiles…and one of them hears it…and smiles back
At him. At you.

But know also that,
If then, you deter
You will find yourself alone in the lightless shadows
To make your way back alone
I won’t return to show you the way
And – what’s more – you’ll never see the gleam in my eyes again ever

I’ll have forever one way or the other.

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