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  1. Seems like things become normal…just when we can assume them to be so.

    I too tried too capture it all in writing, but then, even words seem quite passive in itself sometimes.

    Good pics. In fact one of them was close to my home.

    As last idea: Cry Thy Darling City

    1. @ A: Thank you. I won’t ask which one since you seem to like your privacy as much as I do.

      @ Kalyan: I swear!

      @ yashrg, Adithya: I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not.

      @ harini calamur: Yech, ghastly!

  2. I personally, can’t compare what happened on 12th march 1993 to this. In my mind, the situation has changed a lot in over 15 years.

    Thanks for the post and the pictures tho. This brings a peace of mind and hope to me too. Life in mumbai will soon be running at its fast pace.

  3. I hope the Bombay spirit balderdash is stopped and people act with more sense from now. The people would move on even if it’s Hyderabad or Bangalore or any other city. Everyones got their bills to pay.

    Calling it India’s 9/11 is not the way to go. After 9/11 America should have called it America’s March 1993. We did not do anything to that effect. So at least now, we need to learn.

    Adithyas last idea: Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

  4. somehow all i can think of is vultures waiting for someone to die …
    just when i thought that there could be nothing worse than politicians, the media comes along 😥
    someone was telling us today about receiving a sms from an insurance company saying ‘ look at how unsafe the world is , insure yourself with us ‘ 🙁

    harini calamurs last idea: Liberty & License