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  1. I am probably a generation before yours.

    But this was one of my favourite books which I would borrow from our school library , back in the late 1950’s in Pune. This was a girls’ school (still going strong and highly regarded even today), and there would always be a tussle over who gets to borrow these Katy books as well as the Mallory towers books.

    Your post took me back many many years…

    1. @suranga: Mallory Towers! That’s another series I loved! Oh, and St.Claire’s too! 🙂 It’s just that the Katy books seemed so obscure, I didn’t think anyone else had heard of them.

  2. @Allytude: I think her childhood was better than her adulthood.

    @Reshma: Thengyu!

    @Kalpana: *Shake hands* I’d never met anyone who had read this either! I’m really, pleasantly surprised by the responses to this post!

    @rakhi: Yes, that made it even more special. 🙂

    @Cynic: Ah, the Question-and-Word game? I coerced my friends to try it out once too but they backed out after that saying poetry was too difficult. No literary (or even aspiring to be) friends for me, unfortunately.

    @Ms Taggart: Did we go to the same school? I mean, I didn’t know any other schools that had book fairs then. :-p

    @DC: My soul-kid-sister!!

  3. i read smwhere that the blogger Ideasmithy or Ramya is a mental retard. besides she hogs every party with her crap stuff.

    iz itt true ?

  4. i had the exact same book. loved it.I still have it. My friend and I used to play a variant of that game in what katy did at school for years. I have the chits of that too.
    .-= A Cynic in Wonderland´s last blog ..Designing the Designation =-.

  5. The Katy books were my absolute favourite while growing up. 🙂 So glad to know that you found not only the same book but your very own copy, once lost to the raddiwala.

  6. Aaah aah and aah…i still have my green bound, wood smelling, yellow paged Katy. ..You know, Idea, I never managed to find anyone who had heard/read the Katy series.. !I usually had to lend it to others to read, wait bright eyed and eager to see the reaction…and feel deflated..This post makes up for all those moments…so thank you!
    .-= Kalpana´s last blog ..Endless possibility =-.