Fifteen years ago, I won the first prize in a school singing contest. My reward was a gift voucher to the annual school Book Fair. And this book is what I brought home.

Nearly two years ago, I shared the story of how Katy came into my life and everything that happened after. Shortly after, I saw a BlogAdda contest asking people to share their memories of the oldest books they possessed. On a lark, I sent in a link to my Katy story. And I won! I quote Aditi Mathur, the judge:

The winners, in no particular order, are:

  • Vidya for the heartwarming post about her 1966 Wren & Martin, and memories attached to it
  • Bishwanath Ghosh who picked a brilliant book as his first one, and still reads it often, only to find a new implication every time
  • IdeaSmith for her beautifully written post, and the sweet nostalgia she conjures.”

The reward from Friends of Books came in today and here they are:

An Arsonists Guide To Writers Homes In New England
Uncle Johns Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader

BlogAdda, Aditi, FriendsofBooks and of course, Katy….you really made my day!

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