Corporate communication

At office, everyone I need to talk to is within shouting distance. The cubicles are arranged in a grid layout like most other offices in the world. And inside them sit all kinds of people. Those like me who like to be seen AND heard. And others, whose expressions are let us just say, at far lower decibels than mine.

To maintain decorum in the office (and what the hell to just keep from disturbing everyone else…yes I can be considerate), I refrain from getting up and hollering to SNC. SNC on the other hand, I suspect, doesn’t know how to yell. Hence picking up the phone and dialing his number is the only way we can have a normal conversation.

So easy it is then….tak-tak-tak (on the keyboard), swig from the water bottle kept handy, tak-tak-tak, grab phone and cradle on shoulder, punch-punch-punch-punch….

Good morning, this is SNC
Yeah, do you have the bill that I gave you yesterday, I want the bill no. X wants to see it. And while you’re at it, could you check who signed it at their end? Also, when are you sending that other bill?
I’ll check.
Great thanks SNC, I keep forgetting to record it.

So far, so normal. Except for SFOS who appears to think that it is huge joke.

“She sits at one corner of her cube. And he sits right next to me, at the corner adjacent to hers. But they’ll speak on the phone. Also, while they’re talking, I can hear her speaking, from across the cubicle. But I can’t hear his voice at all.”

Baaah….no one appreciates consideration.

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  1. When I left my last company, I actually stole a Swingline stapler I had there. Our plan to take an old printer out of there into a neighborhood park was foiled since it would not fit in my backpack. πŸ™
    Sorry.. any scene from ‘Office Space’ always triggers many suppressed memories.

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