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  1. Hey smithy. If you every need help , I will come and help . If I have any energy left in my body at that time :). But hey I am just a stranger….
    Unsolicited advice (If I don’t I’ll feel guilty for not having shared). As I too have undergone my whole health issues, I found doing suburban diagnostics blood test package platinum 40/50 for her really helped find levels which needed meds or vitamins. Please do it and also a usg pelvic+abdomen at least once. Did the dentist visit clear up all your symptoms? I’m curious about the hba1c levels.
    Going through similar insecurities being single all my life. I hoped to start a singles support network. But family health issues are not helping.
    Take care

    1. @XXFan: That is so nice of you!

      I know some physical health factors directly contribute to mental health but are not very visible. I have been tracking them for years myself. Doctors are still discovering how COVID may have impacted some of these. Even with the education to know to look for these, the financial ability to pay and metro city access to the top systems, I am struggling. What happens to those who have less? My post is pointing out that human wellness is coming at a price that increasingly nobody can afford. I blame capitalism.

      The western medicine model of popping a pill doesn’t exactly solve our human situations, especially in India. We also have to deal with a lot of other mental and emotional burdens because of the way our society is structure. I hope you will find your peace, nice stranger.