Money management

Not a week goes by without one of us having a problem with a bank. Login access problems, wrongly debited entries, incorrect charges…the list is endless. We got to thinking of some ways to keep our money safe and out of the reach of those moolah-monsters….

SNC: I think I’ll withdraw all my cash and keep it at home

SFOS: Where? Inside a bucket?

SNC: Won’t even fill a mug!

Me: Stuff it in your mattress….you must have a ‘rajaai’ as a relic from your earlier place

SFOS: Yeah and I’ll stuff mine into a turban. My desert faring ancestors will be only too happy!

Me: I have no such options….will have to do with the chor banks I guess!

SNC: Oh no….yours is the best. You can wear your cassu-malai all the time! (note: For non-Tam speakers, this is a monstrosity that parades as jewellery…made of coins dangling off a huge strip of gold)

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