I’m Every Woman

More and more I find I can relate to women better than to men.
Women seem more like my kin than they ever did; and men finally really the ‘THEM’

I used to be a tomboy, fairly genderless inside my mind. Now I find I’ve come so far from there, I almost can’t relate to the male mind any more. While I will probably never be a princess, I’m a woman, undeniably.

It isn’t that I like every woman I meet, indeed not…but isn’t that so much like a woman too?! But my conversations with the women I like are generally so much deeper, richer, so much more meaningful and memorable than those with men. If once I actively loathed the company of women, I’ve come to love them now, dearly.

I went out with two women recently (very interesting people, may I add!). While I was ruminating over this very thought, one of them voiced the exact same thing. And a few minutes later, the third member of our party also made the same observation.

Each time I meet an old girlfriend or even a new one, I bring away with a fuller understanding of myself. There is validation, empathy, respect and support…..something I’ve sorely missed in all my interactions with men. Is it a fact that women are more nurturing? I validate that….I’m being healed the women in my life. They bring out the woman in me.

It’s almost like I’m learning to be a woman from other women. Or perhaps being reminded of my feminity by others just like me. Cheers, sistah, you make me even more me!

7 thoughts on “I’m Every Woman

  1. Cheers to all the gooey feminity and fun…wow I love that already feminity and fun!
    and you know my views on this thought you’ve got here…

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