black and white man half in shadow

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  1. @Anu: Thanks, love.

    @Sarah: That’s the attitude I endorse too, equality that is. I don’t agree with the ‘scary feminist’ theories that men are inferior but obviously I don’t subscribe to chauvinistic viewpoints either. Male-bashing for the fun of it is a different thing, though and I think my readers (even the male ones) understand that it’s all in fun only. 😀

  2. I am so happy to have discovered this site. XX factor meaning this is a girl power site! Pretty cool! Sometimes, well, not sometimes but all the time, i am against sexual discrimination. “Guys are above girls” that kind of issue. I really hate it. And about this post, i could really really and i mean really relate to this. Guys tend to take advantage of our insecurities and fears. Well, not all guys but majority of them. Ain’t that unfair?