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  1. Thats dangerous don’t ever make us you’re enemies we will destroy you ! for adleast thousand years we had enought of you’re bullshit, extroverts understand you’re weaker than us. The more you shun us the more powerfull we become , thats how we work. Don’t be stupid ..we can be a very reliable allies or tenacious enemies, we won’t stop as long as we have a reason. Extroverts you imposed you’re will on us for ages, but now this is coming to an end, we are starting to organize and if we feel the need to destroy you we will… threating our way or trying to adapt us to you’re kind is frustrating and troublesome, it shall end in you’re demise when we overtake you’re position. Destroy you’re hierarchy and burn you’re world,we thrive in the darkness we are the demons, the monsters you extroverts created by the lack of will to accept our difference, and the time to pay you back will eventually come.

  2. i am so glad to read this I. I love it. and i agree with every single thing you said. we will find our kind. i am sure about that. 🙂 take care and all the best.

  3. Lol.. so you decide to respond to just that 1 sentence ?!!?! You had a chance to “hit me with your best shot” and you respond with indifference!! Where’s your extrovert spunky-ness now?
    And about you blocking me coz my comments are too nasty for your taste, don’t bother. Fortunately for you, your blog has gotten too stupid for my taste, so you won’t see me wasting any more time here.

    Although, I can’t resist, wouldn’t you blocking me be taking the easy way out? (Like the cowards you’ve made us introverts out to be?). A little hypocritical don’t cha think??

  4. I’m declaring war on stupid blog posts
    Your post seems like a rant about an experience you’ve had with 1 person and without actually checking facts, you have unintelligibly gone ahead and applied your narrow minded logic to generalize it to all “introverts”. I consider myself to be an introvert and it has nothing to do with ‘bad experiences’ as you say so in your blog. If you know anything about introverts, you would know we they do not consider ourselves to be superior. How you came to this conclusion is a mystery to me. Don’t believe me, try googling articles about introverts and prepare to be shocked. You may need to sit down while reading, for all your illogical pre conceived notions about them are about to be shattered. You are right about this hypothetical scenario you came up with that involves you (and I quote) “face you down and ask you to hit you with your best shot”, I would run away. Not because I am coward and bloody scared of life, but because I’d think you were off your rockers. I mean c’mon even extroverts don’t go up to random people saying that. That’s just….. not right.
    “Enough assholes, get on your feet and start living” … seriously?? you think we don’t live? That’s a pretty ridiculous assumption you have right there. And I am not even going to go into that. Read it once more and let the absurdity of that sentence sink in.
    And don’t even go down the “This is my blog. Personal.. blah blah” road. If its personal, why is it open to public ?

    1. @Andy Garrteh: I’ve just one thing to say to you: ‘Personal’ is not the same thing as ‘private’. Go look up the difference. And this is my blog so if your comments get too nasty for my taste, I’ll just block you. Capiche?

  5. I like your take on the absurdity of the ‘high-horse’ approach some introverts take. I am completely with you on that. Who is to say that being guarded and feigning an air of complexity is the way to live‽ But, I am and do know introverts who are simply shy to open up. I take some time to confide or let my feelings known to people. But, once it rains it pours for me.
    Please don’t declare war on people like us, just yet 😉

    1. @aparnateur: Ah, I wouldn’t call that introversion! Well, this isn’t the strict dictionary or the psychology definition, just my own. Shyness is okay in my books, discerning & cautious even, both qualities I admire. So no, you’re not the enemy as far as I’m concerned! 😀