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  1. Crap! You had to ruin it with the fine print! But seriously, what B-Grade movies have YOU been watching!
    As for the physical vs verbal confrontations, too bad things don’t work the same when it is Male vs Male, rather than Female vs Male.

  2. I got the hourglass thingie. I was inquiring whether you justify ‘kamar coca cola’ comments by the roadside flirt!

  3. @Ideasmith: No, I didnt get back cos of three reasons:
    a) I had a crush on her at the time.
    b) I was given an embarrassing chivalry lesson a couple of months before that episode by my aunt.
    c) I knew it was an honest mistake.

    Years later, we became good friends and she recounted this incident with no recollection of who the guy was and when I said it was yours truely, she blushed yet again and apologised profusely… But by then the deed was done and it was too late to get back for it…

  4. Addressing the ‘fine print’, I think, I’ve been away for too long. I would never have guessed that the title could be even remotely related to a B-grade flick! *raises an eyebrow*. Furthermore, it took me a second to realize what ‘you’ meant by ‘kamar coca cola’, as Coke bottles in this part of the world look like this.
    Seriously, ‘kamar coca cola’ ??? 😛

  5. I have been slapped by a girl in what I can only assume was an accident… We were practicing for this comedy we were staging for all our neighbors and I was supposed to be the roadside Romeo following her around stage and stuff… There comes this point in the dram when she was supposed to slap me for some misbehavior I havent really done (the comic part) and in one of the practice sessions, she let go of a tight one that echoed for a couple of seconds… Needless to say, everyone was silent and waiting for my reaction and all I could do was stare in disbelief at this good looking girl who had let go of a tight one… And she blushed and we went on… In the real dram, people kept telling me I was really good in that scene and I told them I know how it feels to be an innocent bystander getting hit…

  6. XXF says.. “If you have to hit, aim where it hurts….his ego.”

    Well..there’s another place where it hurts… its also called his EGO a.k.a his External. Genital. Organ…

    hahahha.. I’m so funny.. its SCARY sometimes..

    But seriously..there are times when you need to hurt his EGO… I remember a certain BOTTOM SLAPPER who thought he could get away in a crowd.. he was trying his “hand” on my sister.. who was walking right in front of me..

    I had an umbrella..and I STRUCK with it… that musta hurt all sorts of egoes that day !!


  7. I don’t think i’ve ever been slapped by a girl. Men have hit me, and i’ve hit some back, but no ladies.

    Then again, i don’t maaro lines at women on the street.

    Say, your tattoo, its not Draco (the constellation) is it?