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  1. “Dreams are the brain flushing out the waste that it accumulates during the day.”

    Actually there is a theory about dreams called the “reverse learning theory” that was developed by Francis Crick (of Watson & Crick DNA fame) and Graeme Mitchison. This theory says that as we learn things, we are constantly making connections in our brains, and as the number of connections grows, our brains aren’t able to work as efficiently. When we dream, we undo some of the connections. Otherwise, our memories would get mixed up and we would have all kinds of strange thoughts and hallucinations.

    So your father was on to something.

    1. @Suman: Thank you very much. The NovelRace diaries are probably relevant only to people who are interested in the actual mechanics of writing. To come back to the dream-talk, a lot of people advise keeping a notebook and pen right next to one’s bed so one can capture the dreams one has had immediately upon waking.

      @Kk: Hehehe, love the metaphor you’ve used. And yes, thank you, she is feeling much better now.

      @Marcia Dream: That’s really interesting. So we’re actually unlearning and erasing some part of our memories, a sort of mental clearing the table away?

  2. I’ve heard that dreams are usually centered around events of the past 24 hours that we have shrugged off or ignored as not worth our time/attentions or were just too dumbfounded by to react properly, the subconscious equivalent of coming up with a witty retort too late.

    Hope your mother gets well soon.

  3. Hey ! I really really like your blog when you write like this one 🙂 In fact, I have liked all your posts except for the ones on NovelRace, maybe..
    Back to this interesting post, awkward connection..yes..but the interest at compare-and-contrast is only natural and who knows whats the outcome of the process..
    I am missing out so much by forgetting all the dreams soon after waking up 🙁