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  1. That is 1 extremely gorgeous sari. I like your quirky take on it, but it is somewhat of a ‘half sari’ approach right?

    I would have gone without the dupatta to ensure that the sari print stands out and maybe donned a heavier neckpiece 🙂

    1. @EccentricSpeak: Sort of, I guess. In the South, a ‘half-saree’ is worn with one end tucked into the lehenga, wrapped around body and brought up in the front across the chest to hang at the back. Just carrying it on one shoulder would be too ‘bold’. My sensibilities are a little more Northern that way.

      My original idea was to wear only the saree and have its palluv drape over the shoulder but the print wasn’t visible and it looked too much like the traditional Gujarati style. That the dupatta matched in design, colour and fabric was a happy coincidence. Too much?

      Heavier jewellery makes me look weighed down like a mannequin. I think more slender jewellery suits my lean frame.

      Been awhile since a style post and conversation. 🙂