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  1. • Adolescence, first love, break-ups, jobs, deaths-all of these shake our foundations

    I think one could also say these are defining moments or moments of metamorphosis

    I distinctly remember adolescence had been a tough time for me, with the sudden influx of hormones I didn't know what to do, its like someone had put me in the pilot's seat of a running aeroplane, and because of the lack of sex education in this God-forsaken country, I thought am the only one who is attracted to opposite sex and there is something seriously wrong with me. But thanks to internet, I was able to navigate well, years later

    Still chewing on this line alone

    1. @Harshaman: Indeed, they are the defining moments. I hope you will find your way through these turbulent years, picking up the lessons meant for you. Because there is serenity and wisdom waiting for you at the other end.