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  1. Confession -I get so excited by the colourful boots.
    The bright pink,yellows,blue,the denim jeans and skirts.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’m gay for getting excited on fashion.
    Did a course on fashion design after college and wanted to become
    A designer. Fashion TV was my favourite channel.
    Sorry to hear about your migraines .so many things cause them.
    Foods oily,fast food,waxing,threading …

    1. @ideafan: I don’t think one’s sexuality has anything to do with one’s inclination to colour, design and taste. It is true that several openly gay people are also well-groomed and stylishly dressed. But I think that has to do with their being confident, defiantly proud individuals wanting to make a statement. If there weren’t so many gender restrictions, I’m sure more straight men would be stylish too. Gender stereotypes and patriarchy hurt everybody.