I like to keep my Saturdays as quiet as possible. For one, I do live a rather crowded, loquacious life. And in addition, weekends witness horribly obnoxious behaviour by people in malls, multiplexes and on roads (and where else is there to go on a weekend, after all?). I usually work in the first half and then like to spend the second half taking walks by myself, sometimes meeting a friend for coffee or just reading.

This Saturday though, was promised to my family since I didn’t do anything on my birthday and then ran off to Pune soon after. We decided to go for a movie and dinner. It was an obnoxious weather sort of day, cloud-threatening to rain any minute but also streaming out sunlight every few minutes. And movie theatres are freezing iceboxes. So I wanted to dress for everything. Here’s what I wore:

As it turned out, I developed a migraine headache (though I didn’t realise what it was at the time). I figured I was just too hot in the garb so I did a quick wardrobe change into jeans after this. But it got really bad and we had to get out of the movie midway. The movie was Madaari and it turns out to have been a rather bad one. I wish I hadn’t had to cut short the family day though. Still, at least we’ve identified what’s been plaguing me. “Migraines are often psychosomatic,” my doctor says and advises me to ‘divorce’ anything that makes me stressed. So here’s to uninstalling Twitter, getting away from worries and into better dressing and good work!

I Wear:

  • Beige printed tunic: Shoppers Stop
  • Rust leggings: Shoppers Stop
  • Distressed denim jacket: Forever 21
  • Majenta handbag: Baggit
  • Brown cloth lace-ups: North Star
  • Brownstone fish pendant: Magick
  • Lipstick: Pretty Please no.79 by ColorBar
  • Eye makeup: Black kohl pencil

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2 thoughts on “I Wear: Family Weekends”
  1. Confession -I get so excited by the colourful boots.
    The bright pink,yellows,blue,the denim jeans and skirts.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’m gay for getting excited on fashion.
    Did a course on fashion design after college and wanted to become
    A designer. Fashion TV was my favourite channel.
    Sorry to hear about your migraines .so many things cause them.
    Foods oily,fast food,waxing,threading …

    1. @ideafan: I don’t think one’s sexuality has anything to do with one’s inclination to colour, design and taste. It is true that several openly gay people are also well-groomed and stylishly dressed. But I think that has to do with their being confident, defiantly proud individuals wanting to make a statement. If there weren’t so many gender restrictions, I’m sure more straight men would be stylish too. Gender stereotypes and patriarchy hurt everybody.

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