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        1. @Kavya Chandra: The Jaipur Literature Festival happens in your city. 😊 I’ve never had a chance to attend but maybe some day I’ll make it. Do look around, maybe there are some little known literature/poetry events happening in your city too? I didn’t even know about such things till I heard about one in the passing. It’s grown in Mumbai in the past year but I think a lot of people in this city also don’t really know it’s happening. Literature groups and events are not like say, music which gets a lot of visibility and attention. You’ve really gotta go hunting but if you find something, it’ll lead you into other communities and events. All the best and please look us up if you’re ever in Mumbai. I run an online & offline writers community called Alphabet Sambar which you can look up on Facebook and Twitter if you’re interested.

          1. Honestly, I HAVE gone hunting. For a city which organises the JLF, it’s amusing how few people are interested in poetry here. I have actually organised a couple of poetry slams myself. Maybe I didn’t advertise it right.
            I will definitely check it out, yes. Thank you

          2. @Kavya Chandra: Sorry, I ought to have realised that you would have looked it up. Yes, it is strange that the home to India’s most prestigious festival doesn’t have more literary events. That said, Mumbai was not a very vibrant scene either. It is home to Bollywood but entertainment is a business, not an art for most people here. There has been a resurgence in the poetry scene in the past two-odd years. No clue whether it will last and for how long.

            Do look up the writers’ community that I run called Alphabet Sambar. We are present on Facebook and Twitter under the same name and we have members from outside Mumbai too. We’d be happy to help you take the culture of writing forward in anyway we can.

          3. Hehe yes sure!!!
            I’m not sure if you know about this community called Kommune, but check that out. Also, I know so many people in Bombay always in for organising slams!! These 17 year olds came up with something they called “Blind Poetry,” and Kommune is basically all about story telling and poetry and fusing it with other forms of art.
            So yeah, those. Plus I think Tuning Fork organises a slam/ story telling event every Tuesday?

          4. @Kavya Chandra: Yes, I’ve heard about the Kommune. Missed their last event owing to personal committments. I was at the Blind Poetry you refer to and I know both the organisers. And I am a regular at the Tuning Fork. If you scroll down, you’ll see I’ve posted videos from each of these events. 😀