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  1. @ Manasa: LOL, thanks! I posted it partly to remember what rollicking fun such conversations can be!

    @ Starry: Thengyu!

    @ Addict: Ah, well…errr…umm… :p

  2. Hey!

    That was just the kind we end up talking when my group of girls meet up. The issues of arranged marriage, trying to find a normal guy who would be interested in long term….

    Am I frustrated with these things? Well… the answer is pretty evident.

    Anyways do keep us posted to whatever happens 🙂 and yes… a really good post.

  3. @Ratz: Nopes, whatever gives you the idea that I would be disappointed! I gave my reasoning as well previously, AntZ, RatZ. 🙂 Kinda corny, admittedly. If I were to be disappointed, it would probably be at my Sherlock skills, but they have been waning due to lack of any exercise!

  4. @Smithy: Thank you for coming to my rescue O Knight in shinning armour!!!teeheehee!

    @Brad: I am happy and female…why does that disappoint you so???? But this is a first I must admit!

  5. @ Brad: LOL…Ratz isn’t just a girl, she’s a real lady!

    @ DC: Actually it reminded me of some of your posts after I finished writing it! 😀

    @ Shub: Ah…I miss the ones not in my city too!

    @ Ravages: Thenk yew…and I’ll remember to thank the Devil too.

    @ Davidbale: That’s REAAALLLLY great news! I admit it really boosts my ego…while my hits seem to be dropping.

  6. I may not be allowed here, but let me take a chance and say I found your post very entertaining and a rich source of research material. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I found my way here by dropping in on the Fastest Growing Blogs list. So it may interest you to know you’ve made the list today. Here’s the link as of 10AM Eastern US time.
    You must be doing something right!
    (Follow the link quickly, though. The list is updated every 6 hours.)

  7. Er, I really didn’t follow who was saying what. Oh but, is that the idea? Hmmmm…

    (And oh, the Devil sent me here. Thank her, will you? Or is the Devil a he. Damn, that’s what’s wrong with all this anon/pseudo-anon identities!)

  8. Girl talk panacea well not always but well you get a load off your back. Granted we do obsess, dissect and analyse exactly why he said that thing he did at 7 last evening. But its fun and refreshing. I can’t think of anything more revitalizing. Lovely post Smithy. So relate to it.