You can tell the pressure is getting to us when the crazy jokes start flying. Today’s dose of hysteria that flags off the weekend before that big meeting:

GOD (a.k.a da Boss): So who gave the talk finally?
Me: RC…that manager guy
SNC (Someone from the next cubicle): RC? Rajput banda hai…
SFOS (Someone from the other side): Zyaada khush hone ki koi zaroorat nahin. Without reason talwar utha lete hain tum log!
SNC: Angrezon ke joote to nahin chaate the, na???
SFOS: *Inaudible and consequently unprintable mumbling*
SNC: Yaad hai, yaad hai…angrezon ke saath rang-raliyan manana??
Me: Like he was around in those days…
SNC: Haan…yaad hai kya?
GOD (a.k.a da Boss): Jab main chota ladka tha…
AKB (Allah ki bandi a.k.a. chamchi to boss): Badi sharaarat karta tha…
SFOS: Angrezon ke saath khelta tha…
AKB:Sab RC ka kamaal….!
GOD (a.k.a da Boss): And it’s a WRAP!!! Pack up guys and have a great weekend!

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