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  1. A really good post! I went back to Chennai recently after a very long time; the city has changed dramatically too during the last decade.

    Re: We spend 45 minutes circling over Mumbai… heh, that’s the part I hate along with the 90 mins it takes me to get to the Expressway as I head back to Pune.

  2. Home isn’t Mumbai anymore? That’s sad to hear… You feel “Home is when I am feeling like I have a world still to discover.” – I’m more like “Home is where my heart is, where my friends & family are” – so though I LOVE exploring, traveling & having new adventures, I still long for home & I love homecoming.

    I realized that when I stepped into the hot of hots in Mumbai a little earlier this month. There are a lot of things I dislike about this city, but I love it. It’s home 🙂

    Sorry, apparently I’ve forgotten this isn’t my blog where I’m posting. Good to have you home girl! Hope the boss sends you home early this weekend 🙂

  3. Wonderful and I postponed reading it till end of day so that I can read it all at one go….beautiful…reminds me of all those trips to Chennai and also of morning evening hops where you get to meet the same passengers , almost like the local train schedule!
    Hey Is, let’s catch up sometime…it’s been a while 🙂