Met an old childhood pal this weekend.
Looked in at a sale, saw the prices and raised serious doubts on the shop’s touch with reality
Enacted a little charade to get another counter to exchange a lipstick that she changed her mind about
Browsed a bookshop and giggled over the covers and titles of the romances (“Imagine someone asking, what are you reading…and you go “The Sheikh’s secret son”)
Bitched about ex-boyfriends, mooned over the current men, ogled a cute salesguy and smirked when he blushed
Walked into 5 shops and bought only stuff that wasn’t on our list…5 scarves
Shared a huuuuuuuggge subway and dug into it like pigs
Took a rick home and debated on whether our driver may be a serial killer and/or a paedophile.
Ordered onion rings which we couldn’t finish and then complained about the calorie intake
Remembered childhood playmates, teenage traumas and laughed and cried alternately.

Sometimes you have to spend an evening with a girlfriend to remember how much a woman you really are.

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