chal meri luna

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  1. Most Indian cultures are very schizophrenic, shame and pride based societies. One-upping the neighbors.

    I recall an incident which occurred recently; a young woman at a Subway restaurant expressed disgust and contempt upon learning that a friend in her group who was about to join them, was traveling by bus to get there.

    As disgusting and filthy as most things about Mumbai are, this particular statement caught my attention because there are clean and air conditioned buses in the city, unlike trains.

    So the implication seems to be that using public transport = poor and lesser person. Not because it’s mass transit or cattle-like, unhygienic, unpleasant or that there is no freedom of movement, but because it’s not elitist enough.

    India is a very classist society. This is best described by the vibes at any run of the mill “fine dining” restaurant (snobbery as opposed to courtesy) and the attitude of the poor and non English speaking (they are always concordant) towards those who are better off, the way they fawn and salute and come damn near close to dutifully banging their head on the floor a few times in order to honour the “saab”.