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  1. So the first cup I heard of was the Diva Cup…I have heard great reviews from many women and would likely be my first buy when I work up the courage to finally get one. I have also heard of the Lunette as well (all of them positively).
    This site has a few more reviews.
    Thanks for sharing! Every one who is open enough to talk about these things helps others:)

    1. @Angie: Diva cup and Lunette are definitely on my radar. But they’re more than thrice as expensive so I want to be sure first before I invest in one of them. I’m learning that menstrual cups are a journey too and every woman has to find what works best for her.

      And yes, sharing definitely helps. If you ever decide to use one, would you like to share your experience in a guest-post? Different women will have different stories to share about this and I’d like to hear them all.

    1. @Lakshmi: I hope so too! Just to be safe, I’ve ordered two different ones. I guess one needs to try out a few different ones before settling on the right one – an unforseen aspect of the economics of this product.

      1. My cousin uses one, and she loves it. I think it’s a cool idea that could really be helpful in mitigating the trash/plastic problems, especially in rural India.