Who’s the loser?

The nosy neighbor is back.

He tiptoes upto me from the back to see what’s on my screen.
I whirl around yelling “YEEAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH”
He goes “YEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWW” as the wheels on my chair run over his toes.

Me: Serves you right for snooping. Never heard of privacy?
He: I’m not snooping. I’m just supervising your work.
Me: Yeah right. Do you think I’ll be checking my blog anytime you’re in the vicinity?
He: *swiping my lunch* Chomp chomp.

I check my email.

He: What kind of a loser still uses yahoomail?
Me: A loser like me…
He: Haven’t you heard of gmail?
Me: A loser who moderates a few yahoogroups. A loser who takes photographs and shares them with friends. A loser who uses messenger to chat. A loser like me who does all that.

SNC: I think someone asked for it.
SFOS: Who asked for what?

Can’t even check my mail in peace

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