Mirrors Don’t Cry

Talk to me
and feel yourself
flooding my vacuum
And when you feel hollow,
I will pour into you,
words and inspiration
not my own
In your darkness
I will shine light
Do you know
it takes black
to define white?
You can throw your sorrows at me
They will stay in me
and I’ll harden
And when you cry
I’ll hold you
with your strength
You feel empty
I will fill you
and take your shape
Your rigidity hurts you
and your hurt
that you pass to me
will soften your core
Whatever you do
I will surround you
and complement you
in all you do
So that you feel free
or compelled
to change
and see your other faces
All that you need
you’ll take from me
When you thank me
you’ll never realize
that I gave you
what you yourself generated
and lost.
But when you reach out your hand
to touch me
You’ll realize
I’m just cold glass
shattered at one blow
My shards cut your fingers
and let blood flow
I feel no remorse
You’ll feel it
for having broken me
Tears you cry
and vow
never to repeat your folly
You’ll put me together again
and be reminded
of this pain
when you see your own blood
streaked across my face

Mirrors never cry

17 thoughts on “Mirrors Don’t Cry

  1. But for a mirror that is so much a part of him, the man would rather put it together and keep sitting in front of it forever…. while the blood stained fissures start appearing as a crimson veil to him.Wouldn’t he?
    I.S., you never stop leaving people awestruck with your beautiful way with words..don’t you?

  2. One of the darker expressions of your mind.
    But do remember that even broken mirrors can be forged together again….

  3. @Arjun- But forged mirrors remain forged, and give you a distorted image. You might not see it, but the blood stains remain.

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