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  1. whenever it comes to may december relationships are always with this huge difference where its a 18 year old guy liking a 30 year old women, but just look at possibilities of a relationship between a 24 year old guy and 26 year old girl, or 26-30 something like this, where they are close enough to be acceptable but still not a socially viable relationship. The idea of such a relationship excites me because, i think the person would be in position to understand a lot more of things than a younger woman. I would have told a lot more, unfortunately we have spoken all about it on the messenger 🙂

  2. My god – you do think a lot, don’t you? 🙂

    I read pretty much all your displayed posts in one go, and your writing, I must say, makes for very compulsive reading – I just couldn’t help but read away. You definitely should have a shot at professional writing.

    Now, for the archives.

  3. teacher – alright
    neighbor’s wife – alright
    friend’s mother – too far fetched i guess

    but we do like mature women… has got somethin to do with whisky/scotch/wine… the more mature the better… and age happens to be one of the primary yardsticks for maturity 🙂

    *exits remembering my cutie (actually hottie) teacher at school*

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