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I had a pseudo-date, recently. What’s a pseudo-date? Oh, that’s something that looks like a date but isn’t. Why? Because I bought him an ice-cream cone (and was ordered and reminded to blog about it, so here you are, Mr.Pseudo-Date). And yeah, because a conversation such as this was possible……


A Crush

He passes her; she flashes an almost-not-there glance Like she’s thinking deeply, unaware of staring He watches her surreptitiously….hoping she won’t notice. Hoping she will. She does. That’s why she doesn’t turn around and smile. Perhaps she will. She doesn’t ponder over how silly she’s being. Crushes are to be…

POEM: Lost Soul

Soulful is how I first described your eyesAnd souls don’t ever die, you know I’ve been reading you for a long time nowYou’ve been letting me look right into youAnd glimpse serene Wonderland through your eyes. Galatea of the spheres – Salvador Dali You weren’t born to be world-weary or…