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  1. “Part of mourning the death of the relationship is grieving the loss of their affection for you.
    The other part is grieving the loss of your affection for them.”
    I thought relationships were void of loss and gain

    Adding one of my own 🙂
    Its a sin to be passionate in a relationship, and to expect the passion back is a homicide

  2. a very very beautiful post. am glad i read it. do i have your permission to link to this post on my blog? of course, with due credit given to you. i really loved this…

  3. this was.. what can i say.. the word ‘great’ doesn’t exactly capture the feeling. my goodness.. thank you!!!!! hope that conveys my heartfelt appreciation for the writing of great eminence. i needed that.. and i’ll keep coming back to read the post till.. i need to. 🙂

  4. @ greekalphabet: A fair number actually. Not spent labouring on this but the ideas all occurred at different points of time and I just collected them together into this one post. Thengyu btw! 😉

    @ ratz: And I hope it helps.

  5. This is beautiful. And much needed.

    (p.s. how many hours did you actually spend thinking all of that intricate beautiful stuff? some of your words took my breath away):)

  6. @ Dreamcatcher: 😉

    @ Pragni: Superheroes are above normal.

    @ Ashish: Oh, thengyu, thengyu!

    @ Renovatio: I think it does. Just give it time. And well…maybe rebounding isn’t a bad thing either. Other people can sometimes be healing.

    @ arZan: Amen to that! You were quoting The Ghost Who Walks, I believe? 😀

  7. Wow. Just Wow.

    Sometimes though, unfortunately, that closure just can’t come while you’re alone and single, no matter how long and hard you try to stay single.