Pomegranate which looks like vagina

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  1. I like this. The maturity to acknowledge and understand people’s reactions after a testimony like the one you have given is very commendable. I know I wouldn’t have. But enough of the praise. You have gotten more than enough of that already. Your sharing this experience undoubtedly helped a lot of people. And good deeds like that never go unpunished. The angels will pay you your due. You can count on it.

  2. I completely agree with you on the part where your friend said that we are the last ones people would think have faced such situations as kids… yes.. we are strong, bold and independent because of those experiences.. this is our shell, inside we still are those insecure people whose mind is always at guard when they see a man around.. (atleast I am like this!)
    And I guess thats the reason why I still have Trust issues… 🙁

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  3. after reading your previous post I dint really have any words to express my emotions that grew in me and well this one just blew me all over again..

    There are just too many thoughts going on in my mind and its difficult to pen them down.. but somehow I feel positive, strong and inspired.
    I will always remember this post and you for coming out in such a superb way!
    I am glad I was here.

  4. What do I say Ideasmith? ‘It made me think that we’re that way not despite our experiences but because of them. Somewhere after the realisation that there is no one around to ‘make things alright’ for you – no teacher to shoo off bullies, no parent to pull you out of trouble, no friend to stand up for you – somewhere after that, you make up your mind that you’ll take care of yourself after that. Forever and forever.’

    That about sums it all up. 🙂

    And it is so true, that when crimes like this are perpetrated on someone, he/she ends up being both the guilty party and the victim.

    Take care, woman! and rock on!

  5. Hey! The Little Lord is NOT little!

    And he’s sorry that he fell asleep on you that night – and there’ll be a guitar there. Feel free to pick it up and try to remember. Else the Little Lord could always play you a tune – maybe one can change what the guitar means to you, eh?

    I’m in no way trying to trivialise your experience – but it sure would be nice if you could go back to playing guitar. In return, I’ll teach you to play all those Beatles songs. 🙂

  6. I’d read your last piece, and then read it again, and then debated for a long time whether to post a comment or not… but anything I could have written would have bordered on sympathy, so thought better not to write anything.

    Honestly, I still have no clue as to how to react to this. All I can say is that your piece (and the comments) at least gave me the education on things going on around me to which I have been completely oblivious. Thanks for opening my eyes to an evil that I didn’t know existed so extensively.

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  7. “You know the odd thing is that we are the kind of women no one would ever expect to experience things like this. We’re bold, proud, smart and independent. The kind of women who won’t take shit from anyone at all. Who would think it?”

    –Do you or your friend mind if I borrow that? because its true, so very true.

    And yes yes, I love you fiery, ahsrp tongued, stylized self.. but this other side isn’t something I’d miss either!

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  8. from people sympathizing (which I’d hate) – well yes, it never feels good.
    Your post was brave and that’s what I said in the offliner initially when i saw it then – there weren’t many comments then and i did not know how the post would be received by all and so, that was an offliner.

    maybe I should publish the comment now.

    “We shout in silence” was what a friend told me talking about some similar experiences. Moved me!

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  9. This post made a whole lot of a difference, more than you had imagined or heard of.. Me and some friends gathered on chat rooms to discuss these issues… we debated at length about sex, abuse, rape and the chauvinistic nature of Nature itself… A lot of them being on the receiving as well as the giving side… Many lessons were learnt.. many tears swallowed…

    And this post makes up for not replying to the monstrous number of comments on Vagina Diaries 1..

    ‘there is no one around to ‘make things alright’ for you – no teacher to shoo off bullies, no parent to pull you out of trouble, no friend to stand up for you – somewhere after that, you make up your mind that you’ll take care of yourself after that. Forever and forever…’ – that sums up a lot of life..

    And both – your fiery, sharp-tongued, stylized self and your brooding, high on emotions and sentiments self – and all the other selfs that you possess – witty, artistic, poetic, self-possessed or whatever we call them – you are always a delight to read…



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