I love colour. Bright, vibrant hues lift my mood. What’s on the outside is connected to what’s on the inside and I like them in harmony. I’m a summer child. A Mumbaiker lives with a permanant layer of humidity on the skin. And that’s as good as my city hugging me. I like my layers minimal or preferably non-existent.

Winters have me missing sunlight on my skin & warm beaches. I don’t like the feel of woolens on my skin & I don’t like having to wear those two or three sweaters & full sleeved tops I own, for four months. But a cotton saree works well as an accessory over boring winter wear.

This picture is from last year when I was earlier on in my saree journey & still figuring out fabric, drape & styling. I was disappointed to find that the saree was a print instead of being authentic batik.But unstarched, unironed mul has a used blotting paper look to it. It made the wild colours of this saree pop. It reminded me of my childhood art experiments while cleaning my paintbrushes & enjoying the wild streaks they left behind on cloth & paper. What if, I wondered, I treat this garment as if it were deliberate, not a mistake?

A poloneck would look rather severe with the classic nivi drape. So instead I looped the pallu around my neck & knotted it down the front, giving it a fun & easy vibe. And then I went out for errands & dinner with friends. Of course it got me curious stares. But you know what? I decided to soak up the attention.

Who says blotting paper can’t be art?

#IWear: Mul cotton saree with faux batik prints in yellow & pink with a majenta skivvy under & tan boots.


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