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  1. Maybe you need to stop running and take some rest. Moonlight nights by the beach, sand,
    noise of just the waves, it sure should help you. Konkan express should take you to a place similar to that.

  2. @ Ranjan: Haven’t read that one, though I’ve heard a lot about it. What’s the connection with my post?

    @ Alazyguy: Ahhh….I wish, I so much wish!!

    @ KVN: Hmm….I don’t quite think that’s the reason in this case.

    @ Shadow: Clone? Hmm…explain plizz, I didn’t quite get that.

  3. @ Shadow: How sweet…but don’t you think one mad idea-tor’s enough for this world? 😀

    @ Pragni: Errrm….the desi blogsphere will be hit by a typhoon of madness if so!

  4. its normal for women actually…
    smtimes i dunno how they stand themselves…
    women r like crazy balls.. bouncing away without direction.. stable only when in men’s hands *smirks*