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  1. Hmm. Nearly all soi-disant Indian restaurants in India are run by Bangladeshis from Sylhet. The give-away sign? Look for ‘Motor Paneer’ in their menu.**

    It is difficult for some to transition from WYSIWYW (what you speak is what you write) languages to those like English where all existing simultaneously are tough, dough, through. Enough!

    ** That new spelling ‘mutter paneer’ brings up a whole raft of vegetable jokes. What did the peas say to one another? Nothing they just ‘muttered’. What does the potato say when it picks up the phone? “Alooo!!”

  2. Idea,

    Trust you to capture these :-)how about a dinner by myself-pretty on a rainy evening :-p even if that happens on XX factor


    Am a Sylheti from my father’s side (Sylhetis are known to crash their spelling knowledge, my mom is ever thankful to God that I didn’t inherit that among other things) and am told am assured of free bed and breakfast even if all of you deny it to me, as and when…so I will always hail Motor Paneer(also that’s how bengalees would pronounce it)

  3. S: Do not be so sure. At the risk of sounding snobbish, after you see where a large majority of Sylhetis in London live, you may not want to avail of their B&B hospitality. 😉

  4. Last weekend after work, I went for a few drinks to one of the restaurants in Andheri.

    I somehow love filling out those feedback forms, hoping someday they are going to call me saying “Ms.Rohra, your feedback was so valuable, you’ve won free drinks for a lifetime here” 😀

    So as I happily began to fill the form, what do I see? Spelling mistakes! and I in my constant seeking of improvement went right ahead and corrected them.

    At the end of the form lay a chotu sa note saying “All spelling mistakes are intentional.” I felt like such a fool, but then I promptly added “The corrections are intentional too.” 😀