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  1. Which camera did you use? The title suggests it’s an iPod touch or iPhone. I swear by my Nokia N8 camera, and am not keen on switching to a more popular phone, because of this.

    Are you working as a photographer somewhere, or trying to get a job as one? I wonder if the DSLR investment is worth it to get those great photos, and a photography assignment. More often than not, you can’t plan that award-winning photo- it just happens.

    1. @Arjun Mohan: HTC One. I love the camera. No, as I mentioned in my earlier comment, I have no formal training as a photographer. I am a Content enthusiast and specialist though, and visual content is fun and the future.

  2. The BW/colour debate was touched upon in a photography workshop chaired by Vincent Versace- someone complimented his BW photos, but said his colour photos are not up to the mark- only for Vincent to show how his best BW photos came from colour photo sources. Interesting insight, as also how he used post-production to make a photo better- but I wasn’t impressed by the way the workshop was a Nikon DSLR commercial in disguise.

    1. @Arjun Mohan: I have absolutely no background or formal training in photography of any sort. Just as with writing, I enjoy learning while at play. I love colour (in general) so BW is a new foray for me. I initially thought it would make sense to shoot in colour and then lens it to BW but I find the results better if I shoot in BW straight away. But maybe that’s just my phone or the settings I’m using.

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