Chatting with my cousin who’s in the middle of the placement week in top-notch b-school…

He says that the international companies were all looking for women this year. All the women on campus had the most offers and best paychecks. I smirked when I typed “Maybe we just are superior”.

Truth be told, I’m surprised. After all, equality aside, purely on the basis of statistical evidence, a female employee is more likely to quit to get married / start a family / join husband in his new place of work.

He says “There are girls who are aggressive in their careers but don’t know for how long.”

That is a good statement, I think. Very indicative of the Modern Woman.

Yes and well, not all south-Indian men are MCPs. And not everyone related to me by blood is judging me. And not all men are assholes. I did have a fun conversation with my second cousin, more interesting than the ones I have with some of the people I’ve grown up with.

I tell him that I’m Dr.Love, the counsellor to the lovelorn, the healer of broken hearts. He asks me for my professional opinion on his case which is a girl he’s seeing who’s on an exchange program and who isn’t responding to his mails anymore. Aha! I rub my hands in glee and jump into action….errr…..the amateur shrink’s chair. So I run him through my battery of questions, thought-exercises, conversational tricks. Ten whole minutes and a detailed analysis (including a flow-chart for various scenarios) later, he guffaws and says “Pretty good Dr.Love…you’re certified! I know who to come to if I ever get into that situation”.

@#$%&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why I say….never trust a man!

Now he wants to sign off for dinner but promises to be back in 30 minutes. I tell him “Make it an hour” to which he retorts, “What am I to do, sit in the dining hall for 1/2 hour longer alone?” I say “Yes and find yourself a girlfriend to torment you so you have a fresh case for Dr.Love”

I was going to say the last word is definitely mine but he said “I don’t want a heartbreak just because you need a practice case, Dr.Love” and he signed out. @#$&%$#@!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Appointment with Dr.Love”
  1. i agree that women are aggressive and smart and all of that, but i think one aspect of having all good looking women in fields like marketing / hr would be to induce people to do as this woman wishes…

    i mean lets accept it, good lookin women go a long way in their careers and attaining their targets than the normal looking ones… the ones who are employing them know it… and hence they have good looking HR to keep the employees happy and good looking marketing people to make the customers do what the company wishes them to do… its a simple equation

    again let me reiterate the fact that i am not judging their talents or their intelligence… they will be very good in that too… but good looks do help a lot…

    and dr love i am suffering from acute dysfunctional insomniatic paraphekolysositis of relationships with women… what do i do for that ;)–>

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