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  1. A friend is not family .the significant other half is family.and family bonds always win.just like us commenter are nobody compared to real life friends.just like you hate commenter trying to be friendly and actually know the real smithy.

  2. You couldn’t put it better: Till then, the marriage certificate is as political a boundary as the Line Of Control and human relationships across the border just as fraught with tension.

    I simply adore the lines and it’s so true. Marriage doesn’t excite me and I keep getting this crap from married people. There are lots of hypocrisy surrounding marriage and one can ask how many people are happy being married. I mean, I’ve seen it closely but still denial mode shows misplaced happiness.

    1. @vishalbheeroo: It does, doesn’t it? I think people have the right to choose their joys or otherwise. But this heavy taking-for-granted, the lack of respect and the ‘my problem is your problem and I will also act like my life is perfect and yours sucks’ attitude is very, very problematic.