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  1. i agree with u Idea on the lady being all that- however it is sad tht this alpha woman does nothing for other alpha females- when i say “doing”- i mean a correct representation of women in power- she is the media lady- wat can be more powerful than media to project the problems, trials and tribulations of a working woman- the challenges she faces and her detrmination and courage- But look at the way her serials represent women- homemakers r always conspriring with each other and corporate women r sleeping with their bosses to get their raises.I agree she is a success- but had she to build up her empire from scratch? Did her dad’s money not help?The Ekta Kapoors, Shweta Nandas and the Esha Deols of the world get fame and fortune handed over in a plate-half their jobs become easier- give me a Rakhi Sawant anyday-this woman has done everything from sctrach-so wat if she cant speak english:)
    And last not least- Sad but true- A Ekta Kapoor does more harm than good for all alpha females….We simply dont have the luxury to start our days looking at the predictions for the day and dont insist on having the letter K put everywhr possible in our line of vision because thts lucky for us:) Those privileges r only for Ektaa:)