A break

I am not a smoker. I also don’t drink coffee. So coffee breaks and cigarette breaks are non-existant for me. I still do need breaks though. I don’t know how some people manage to put in endless hours of work because I can’t. I need to zoom out of whatever I’m doing and take a broad sweeping glance around every now and then just to keep sane.

It was initially a bit of a problem. Chit-chatting is a good way to relax but well, not everyone works on the same internal clock and calendar as I do and it gets construed as interruptions. I can’t join the general smokers’ sessions….somehow smokers form little cliques of their own, that a non-smoker just can’t belong to, no matter how friendly they all are otherwise.

I used to have a sea-facing office. In those late hours of the afternoon when what you had for lunch seems to be hitting you between the eyes…I would step out for a walk. Invariably I ended up just standing and watching the waves. It afforded a much-needed respite from a demanding day. I thought it was the proximity of the sea that did it.

It might have been that, or it may not have been. Today, I walked across the road to pick up something to munch on. I found a little corner behind our building that was unusually breezy even at 4 in the afternoon.

I am not close to the sea anymore. This is not one of the poshest areas of Mumbai. But there is a quaint feel about this place. The line of kids running back from school…they’re all racing in chappals, not pricey Reeboks. The shopkeeper smiles at me and asks me where I have been all these days. And even though I’m probably the only one on the road carrying a cellphone and the only woman wearing trousers, no one bats an eyelid. There is a nice, comfortable, no-pretensions feel about this place that I vaguely associate with childhood.

The breeze ruffles my hair and cools my heated forehead. Its time to get back to work.

One thought on “A break

  1. WHAT!!!You don’t drink coffee? Ayyo!! how can anyone not drink coffee?
    but I guess i drink enough chai coffee for about 1000 people…so(as a prof used to say) the free energy cahnge is zero.therefore there is no change in the total entropy fo teh system

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