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    1. @Sanjita Bhargavi: LOL! That’s definitely one to watch out for. From the promos, it looks like it’ll be a copy of Rajnikant’s Robot…a machine gone rogue. I’m guessing Ra.One is some kind of a fancy acryonym with a ‘version 1’ tacked on to the end just to pun on the Raavan theme.

  1. LOL. I loved your post mostly because superhero movies are my #2 favorite, close behind action/crime/chase movies. 😀 It’s funny to get the opposite p.o.v.
    I was really cut up to miss Captain America. We have vowed to get the foreign DVD with no edits to make up for the sad turn of events with the distributors’ row in getting it to the cinemas here properly 😉 And yes, I make my friends sit through the credits for the comebacks. It’s the rule, re!

  2. haha, true story, that. I thought’s the green lantern was terrible.
    But then again, Batman is my one and only favourite superhero , and there’s also the Christopher Nolan factor.
    Most of the chaddi-over-tights superheros don’t make sense.